northern botswana - 2021

the chobe river

Like the Okavango Delta, the Chobe River starts its life in the Angolan Highlands. From there the water flows through the Kwando (Cuando) to the Linyanti and then forms the Chobe River in Ngoma. Eventually the river joins with the mighty Zambezi before crashing over the Victoria Falls 65 kilometers further downstream.

The water levels of The Chobe River fluctuate depending on the season and the amount of Rainfall in Angola. The floods tend to be at their highest around April to June.

An interesting fact about the Chobe is that it flows in two different directions depending on the time of year. The waters from the Zambezi when in full flood will, for a month or two each year, push The Chobe back towards its source.

The elephants of The Chobe are always a photographic highlight.